Today’s savvy consumers increasingly rely on the opinion of their friends, family, and colleagues to make buying decisions. In the social media era, people are less trusting of traditional modes of marketing; they’d rather heed a word from their peers than listen to ads. That’s why forward-thinking are using employees to drive the message home on social media. The Employee Advocacy Definition: It is a nifty social marketing strategy whereby employees promote company’s brand, service or product through word-of-mouth (WoM) or social media channels. It could be as simple as an employee posting company updates on Facebook or the whole workforce sharing brand content on their personal social media accounts. Either way, the company is poised to reap big by turning[…]

Both of these promoting tools have been found to be very effective in increasing brand popularity. An influencer is a person who endorses your brand with their own agenda in mind. Whilst brands advocate, which can be a customer, employee or even a shareholder, they promote the brand because they genuinely love what the company is about and what they sell. This has been the only dividing factor known between the two marketing techniques. Whilst both are very effective, people now are beginning to choose brand advocacy over influencers. The reasons for this choice of investment are actually quite simple. The fact that brand advocates are your employees or customers, the expenses of promotion will be minimized. The fact that[…]

Being in a job and working for the said hours alone is not going to make you recognizable. If you wish to enjoy your manager’s confidence and enjoy job security, you must make yourself irreplaceable at work place. Here are few tips: Bring new ideas Whatever you are an intern or associate or a manager, you should make yourself indispensable. If so, think out of the box and come with a new vertical. Come up with new ideas. If you can shake a needle also, your idea will be considered valuable. Employees thinking for the benefit of the company are always valuable assets. Be ready to take If you find some work that needs attention but fails to fit under[…]

Every organization needs to have an accounting and finance department in order to keep a constant eye on the financial fitness of the company. The tasks of an accounting and finance department may be monotonous, however, many companies spend big bucks in acquiring the talent and essential softwares to get the job done, whereas, it not being a core functions of an organisation, they can easily be outsourced to save time and get the work done with greater efficiency. Let us now look at how outsourcing accounting services for startups can be is beneficial for short term as well as in the long run. There are numerous tasks undertaken by a company’s finance division. Maintaining financial records, conducting internal audits,[…]

“Being in control of your finances is a great stress reliever.”        – Maureen O’Connell, Scholastic A CFO is the Chief Financial Officer of an organization. He looks after the finance of the company. Although it likes like a very exciting position, it has its drawbacks. A Chief Financial Officer has to stay put with the ever changing business environment. They have to face new challenges each day. The work as a top level employee of the finance department never ends. The work is right from hiring a person with great skills to strategizing and meeting deadlines.   While all of this is very tiring already, the CFO has to also deal with factors that affect them every day.[…]