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Today’s savvy consumers increasingly rely on the opinion of their friends, family, and colleagues to make buying decisions. In the social media era, people are less trusting of traditional modes of marketing; they’d rather heed a word from their peers than listen to ads. That’s why forward-thinking are using employees to drive the message home on social media.

The Employee Advocacy Definition:

It is a nifty social marketing strategy whereby employees promote company’s brand, service or product through word-of-mouth (WoM) or social media channels. It could be as simple as an employee posting company updates on Facebook or the whole workforce sharing brand content on their personal social media accounts. Either way, the company is poised to reap big by turning employees into social media brand advocates.

#1. Reach More Target Audience

Recent survey conducted by Social Chorus shows that your employees have 10X as many social media connections as your brand. If you have 200 employees, for instance, you are looking at 2000 more target audience to reach through employee brand advocates.

#2. Improve Social Media Presence – Increased Engagement

According to Social Media Today, brand content shared by an employee advocate gets eight times more engagement than ones shared by your brand social pages. As such, employee advocacy is an outstanding tool for content amplification. With more engagements, you can take your social media presence to the next level.

#3. Enjoy Increased Credibility

The value of trust and credibility to any business is absolute. You need to build trust in order to position your company on social media. The good news is, 90% of consumers on social media trust employee advocates. So, employee advocate sharing gain more credibility than brand sharing.

#4. More Conversions

In today’s competitive business environment, converting leads into sales is no walk in the park. That is where employee advocacy can come in handy; it has been shown to create more conversions than other marketing campaigns.

#5. Increase Employee Engagement

Disengaged employees cost businesses billions of dollars in lost productivity. Employee advocates are known to take initiatives. The thing is, engaged employees are 24% more likely to boost sales.

#6. Create Thought Leaders

By offering consumers with consistently accurate and valuable information, employee advocates gain rapport and credibility. Their peers and customers will respect and trust employee advocates for that, helping them become influencers or industry experts.

There you are – 6 crucial reasons why you need to take advantage of employee advocacy. With employee advocates, you can amplify your social reach, engage better, improve credibility, foster employee engagement, and take your business a notch higher.