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The best way to find impressive employee advocates is by increasing the involvement of social media platforms within your company. As an organization, there needs to be an understanding of the social media activities of their employees.

A survey can help the organization to gain adequate knowledge. The survey will consist of questions that would help the organization to understand the potential of each employee. The survey can be an anonymous one while the respondents can mention the department they work in.

The survey could consist of the following questions:

  1. Which social media platforms do they use?
  2. What is the frequency of the usage of those platforms?
  3. Are their posts generating engagement?
  4. Are they willing to share content on behalf of the organization?
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Below mentioned are few points based on the study of the survey that would influence the selection of very good employee advocates.

Credibility and Influencing

Employees that have a strong presence on social media could be very valuable for the organization’s advocacy program. They can not only be the ones who share content cut could also be good thought leaders. Influencing and credible employee advocates are essential and valuable employees to the organization.

Moreover, they not just content sharers but also content creators.

Get Leaders Involved

The organization the leaders are the best advocates for the business. Senior leaders are the advocates that provide a real impact online when new or existing products have to be given a boost online. When senior leaders are involved in the employee advocacy platforms the other employees automatically look-up to them and lift their advocacy game.

Generate Engagement as Per Location

Not very often but products need to be promoted only in a particular location. It all depends on the business plan, if the strategy is to increase market penetration in a specific region then mass social media tools could be used to touch that market. Having a local employee, enables the customers to connect with the employee in person to know more about the product and discuss their needs. This may be just what a customer would need before taking the final decision of purchasing the product.

Train New and Existing Social Media Users

Some people are not social media users while some have inactive profiles. The organization can train and develop an excitement within the employees to use social media to its full potential. If they do it will be beneficial to the organization. The organization must also ensure that the employees are guided and train in a way that they wish to see them conduct the social media solely to become advocates for the organization.

The most important thing of an advocate is to ensure people take them seriously and their post generates engagement and eventually leads to convergence.