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Every organization needs to have an accounting and finance department in order to keep a constant eye on the financial fitness of the company. The tasks of an accounting and finance department may be monotonous, however, many companies spend big bucks in acquiring the talent and essential softwares to get the job done, whereas, it not being a core functions of an organisation, they can easily be outsourced to save time and get the work done with greater efficiency.

Let us now look at how outsourcing accounting services for startups can be is beneficial for short term as well as in the long run.

There are numerous tasks undertaken by a company’s finance division. Maintaining financial records, conducting internal audits, vetting future course of action, etc., are some of the tasks that require dedicated resources to ensure that they are completed successfully.

The accounting division of any organization has to regularly update the accounting books, accounts payable and receivable and settlements. For the intricacy required in the tasks, it is best to have an outsourced accounting service provider to keep a track of all these books.

Firms require accounts receivable procedure to assist them with the collection of funds that are owed to them by other industries that would have bought products or services from them. It also is a huge part of the balance sheet of a firm.

The accounts payable sheet helps companies keep a track of the money that the company owes to an external business in return for some product or services. These payments have to be made on time and require following up the tedious process of going through individual invoices and also keeping track of due dates; any delay in getting these done in time can prove to be expensive for the reputation of the company in the industry. It is imperative to maintain proper books and make payments in due time.

A number of financial services such as planning and research require regular updates of the finance books. It helps the management keep a close eye on functions that could be underperforming or could be a potential problem.

Outsourcing the finance and accounting services, completely lets you do away with your accounting and finance department. Here is how it helps companies:

  1. Saves cost on the infrastructure to keep individuals
  2. Saves on hiring or training the individuals to carry out the assignment
  3. Saves on spending big money on licensed bookkeeping and accounting softwares
  4. Salary to the employees of the department

All in all, an outsourced accounting service provider such as tempCFO Inc., helps both established companies and start-ups focus on their core business needs and concentrate on revenue generation for the company.