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Both of these promoting tools have been found to be very effective in increasing brand popularity. An influencer is a person who endorses your brand with their own agenda in mind. Whilst brands advocate, which can be a customer, employee or even a shareholder, they promote the brand because they genuinely love what the company is about and what they sell. This has been the only dividing factor known between the two marketing techniques. Whilst both are very effective, people now are beginning to choose brand advocacy over influencers. The reasons for this choice of investment are actually quite simple. The fact that brand advocates are your employees or customers, the expenses of promotion will be minimized. The fact that employees are your advocates means that they will not have their own agenda, unlike an influencer; they will want what is best for the company and strive to bring about positive promotions. Also, employee advocacy results in excellent customer services as the employee is knowledgeable about the brand and product, so they are able to relay that information on to customers and new audiences in a better and more informative way that an influencer.

Another reason why one might choose employee advocacy is that has more long-term benefits than brand influencers. Since the employees are of the own company there are certain levels of security for the company in making an investment in them. Brand influencers have a personal agenda which may come into conflict with what the company has in mind. These rifts may cause the company to lose their influencers and may end up being a waste of money and time. Using employee advocates for social media advocacy can remove these risks, as the employee and company share the same interests for growth and success, the company also has a certain control over their employees so they can control the promotional activities carried out by the employees.

Another benefit that is gained from using brand advocacy is that the return on investment is high and is for a long period of time. Since the company is investing in a marketing scheme using their own employees the investment is minimized and the return is manifold. This is because employee advocates use their own social media channels to post positive promotions for the company and that doesn’t cost the company anything.it is essential that the company creates a solid and strong marketing scheme to run a successful brand advocacy program. A strong foundation can lead to profits and popularity increasing in a short period of time.