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Being in a job and working for the said hours alone is not going to make you recognizable. If you wish to enjoy your manager’s confidence and enjoy job security, you must make yourself irreplaceable at work place. Here are few tips:

Bring new ideas

Whatever you are an intern or associate or a manager, you should make yourself indispensable. If so, think out of the box and come with a new vertical. Come up with new ideas. If you can shake a needle also, your idea will be considered valuable. Employees thinking for the benefit of the company are always valuable assets.

Be ready to take

If you find some work that needs attention but fails to fit under any one person. This is the opportunity; use it to make you irreplaceable. This may be anything such as arranging or planning a Christmas party or some new project to be streamlined, just be ready to take and work with clear sense.

Pitch new prospects

This is a very valuable skill and toughest.  If you really want to be exceptional, irreplaceable, practice presentation skills and hunt for new clients. If you are able to bring even a very few as your contribution to the business, your pitch will not go unnoticed. Practice your skills and give a feel that your pitch is authentic.

Provide solutions

A work place can never always be free of problems. At such times, do not join the complaining lots or try to escape the situation. Instead, provide solutions, suggest some alternative. Do some works, research, find the odds and your providing solutions skills, your troubleshooting tactics will be identified as a productivity improvement skill.

Find your role

Job security begins with zeroing on spending quality time. Find out that you know apart from other employees to make you special. How it can set you apart in the company and how you can use it as a value-add. First find your role in the company, set yourself suitable and start looking for novel ways to highlight contributions.

Know Your Boss

If you have to make yourself irreplaceable at work, get to know your bosses on the personal level. Take interest to know about their likes and dislikes, their weekends, families and the way they spend time away from the company. These begin with being highly reliable and so ensure your managers know you well, they trust and have good respect for you.

Be upright

Keep honest and open dialogue with managers and stay away from office gossip. Communicate directly and maintain the professionalism that your office environment should miss your presence. This will make you irreplaceable at work.